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Pevonia Botanica is nature’s answer to healthier skin, treating sensitive, acne & rosacea as well as anti-ageing. Maintain using products we recommend for use at home, delivering outstanding visible results.


Prescriptive/Aromatherapy Facial
60 mins – £55.00
Taster 30 mins  – £33.00
A bespoke facial adapted to suit each individuals skin type. To introduce your skin to the unadulterated pure and active products of Pevonia. Skin diagnosis, deep cleanse, ampoule, massage, mask and treatment cream.
Lumafirm Facial – Lift & Glow
60 mins – £88.00
Looking for a treatment with amazing results? Latest freeze-dried technology delivering a brighter firmer skin. Perfect for a bride or special occasion.
Plantomer Mask – Refreshing/Hydrating
60 mins  – £66.00
Excellent for sensitive, eczema, hormonal outbreaks, pregnancy and for men after shaving. Maximum hydration. A soft lift off mask with benefits of Seaweed which is healing, desensitizing, antibiotic and Vitamin A.
Luminous ‘C’ and Sea Mask
60 mins – £71.50
Brightening/Renewing/Sun damaged/Pigmented
Potent blend of Vitamin C, freeze-dried Seaweed and Squalene Oil.
Reduces fine lines, strengthens elasticity, leaving skin firm and smooth.
Anti-Free Radicals Mask
60 mins – £71.50
Effective clay thermal mask. Vitamins A & E maximise your skin’s protection.
Floracide/Lacto Flora Exfoliating Treatment
45 mins – £49.50
Resurfacing/post acne/open pores
Organic ingredients derived from hibiscus flower, combined with glycolic and salicylic acid. Diminishes signs of ageing, lightens hyper-pigmentation and refines skin’s appearance. A course is recommended.
60 mins – £69.30
Anti-Ageing/ Loss of elasticity
 Using 100% natural elastin, this facial intensely firms and tightens fine lines, wrinkles and improves the skin’s texture and elasticity. Complexion is left hydrated, radiant and youthful.
Caviar Facial
60 mins – £71.50
Tri-phase treatment combining rejuvenating caviar & repairing freeze-dried Escutox™, a natural alternative to botox
Retinol Facial
Porcelain Skin
Vitimin A (Retinol)is excellent for sun damage and fine lines
10 % Discount on a course of 6 facials

Additions pevonia

De-Stress Eye Treatment – Combat Wrinkles

30 mins – £33.00 / or added to any facial £17.60

100% pure collagen treatment to repair delicate eye contour.

De-Stress Eye Treatment

30 mins – £33.00 / or added to any facial £17.60

Ginko Biloba stimulates lymphatic capillaries to drain excess fluid & vitamin C to alleviate dark circles

Lumafirm Eye  – Instant Lift & Firming

Repairs Sun Damage – Diminishes dark circles & Puffiness

 40 mins – £44.00 or add to any facial  £20.00

Lip Plumping Treatment

Collagen mask & Wrinkle comb.

40 mins £48.00 or add to any facial £20.00

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