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Take care of your skin!

One of the things everyone should realise is that there is no golden guide for great skin, everybody’s skin is different and so will react depending on their individual skin type. The main skin types that need the most help are dry and oily, and though they can both seem hopeless at times there are easy steps you can take for getting the great skin that you want.

Having oily skin can lead to acne, and so to control this problem you would benefit greatly by using regular face masks. You can buy them from most beauty salons but the best way to control what you’re using is to make it yourself. The best ingredients for oily skin are bananas, honey and lemon, all of which can help your oil production, just mix them all together and leave on the face for roughly ten minutes.

LemonHaving dry skin can be a problem for many people, but when moisturising just isn’t doing the trick then it’s time to take the next step. Lemons are a great natural remedy, not only can they help with oily skin but they can also take care of dead skin. Just dab some on your face and leave for roughly ten minutes, then remove with a warm washcloth and follow up with some moisturiser.

You may however not feel like slapping a home remedy on your face at night! In this case we are here to advise you.

Keep Up the Routine

Taking care of your skin on a regular basis is one of the key steps to maintaining that healthy look, dropping the routine makes it very easy to fall back to square one. Here are three guidelines that can help to build the perfect skin care routine:

1. When cleaning your skin be sure to be gentle. There’s no need to rub your skin raw when washing you face, as this will do more manage then good. This also counts for the product you use. Check carefully before outing anything on your face and try to choose the product that has the most natural ingredients, as this will be far gentler for your skin than anything with too many chemicals.

2. Drinking plenty of water can help to rid the body of toxins and to clear the skin of oils and dirt, so make sure to always have a bottle of water at hand and to refill it throughout the day.

3. A good diet isn’t just good for your general health, it can also do wonders for your skin. Make sure to eat plenty of fruit and veg, as well as other natural foods, and try to stay far away from food with too many chemicals.

And there you have it! We all want to feel great about ourselves, and having good skin is one of the many ways to do just that. Follow these simple steps and you’re sure to see results in no time. You can always pop in for a skin consultation and advise on the best skin care for you.

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